Those darn gays may teach us something after all…

With the state of North Carolina recently outlawing same-sex marriage and the President then endorsing it it has been an interesting last few days.  I’ll admit I’m not really all that “up” on such issues because I don’t really care all that much. Homosexuality doesn’t really bother me.  At least not enough to elicit a strong reaction.  And it’s not that I’m in favor of it as I think Romans 1 is pretty clear about it not being okay in the eyes of God.  I understand the desire to be with another person and whilst I may not agree with homosexuality I can empathize (after all I was single until I was 28).  But this issue elicits so much passion and, at times, rage from both the left and the right in our country.  It seems as if every time I’ve gone on Facebook these last few days there’s been a new post whether pro or con.  But I gotta say, the posts in favor of same-sex marriage have made some great points. Some of the cartoons are brilliant and should really cause those on the right to ponder the sanctity of marriage in relation to “straight” people.  Like this one:

Such comics ought give those of us who are considered conservative Christians serious pause.  I mean we can’t even keep our own house in order, we can’t keep marriage holy in our own circles.   Yet we are so quick to go after those who want to overturn the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman.   We can’t keep men and women together and yet we are afraid of what two men or two women will do to the sanctity of marriage.  Here’s another great post that I saw that brings home this point:

We’ve already destroyed marriage in our culture and it’s we, the heterosexuals, who have done it.  Going further, research has shown that the divorce rate amongst Christians is similar to those who are not believers.  Here’s the report:  I can’t help but wonder that maybe if we didn’t spend so much time trying to change the culture and tried changing ourselves (repenting) we’d be better off as the people of God.  It’s so much easier to focus on another’s flaws whilst ignoring our own.  Besides, does not an obsession with the cultural wars of our day betray a confidence in the Lordship of Jesus Christ?  I mean Christ is either Lord of the whole world or He is not, nothing that happens culturally will ever change this for He triumphed over the powers 2,000 years ago.  Why do we fight for legitimacy from the government and thereby play their games which are completely antithetical to the spirit of the Gospel?  As a result, we come across as a bunch of Pharisees.

At the end of the day, I say let the gays be, let them have same-sex “marriage”, such actions should not affect our faith and it’s unfair and unloving to somehow expect them to “get” our views through the means of legislation.  Take a look at 2 Cor. 6.




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