About – Scott Geminn

An aspiring writer reflecting upon all sorts of things, particularly as they relate to the Way of Jesus.  Earthy, quirky, and a lover of all things New York Hardcore. Fordham Ph.D student.  Lutheran pastor. Daddy of two girls and husband of a great wife who hasn’t gotten a full night’s rest in four years.




  1. Pastor,
    Love your blogs, However can you tell us what exactly have you done for the poor and outcast? I know you state you have spent time with them and have gotten to know them. But what did you do for them to grow in relationship with them.

  2. Pastor,
    It was nice to get a chance to meet you the other day on our flight from Denver to Philadelphia. Your contact information is a little hard to find but I am glad I was able to track you down. I made the mistake of running to the train before exchanging information. Just wanted to drop you a line in hopes of keeping in touch.

    Kenny (A.N. Hoodie)

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