the thoughts pervade, they are endless 

the channels, they go to the hundreds 

and the phone, the computer, the tablet 

they give access to a plethoric black hole

a voice cries out, “Prepare!”

just one more email, 

just one more like,

just one more comment…

there! I’m done!

a voice cries out, “Prepare!”

a thought goes by, I must attend to it 

but I’ll be there in a sec, I promise 

it might be important and it might make me feel good 

just for a sec, though, that makes it worth it

there it is again, that voice, “Prepare!”

what a confusing word for a people such as us…

prepare my mask 

prepare my image 

prepare my event 

prepare my life 

we are hopeless marthas, aren’t we?

“Prepare!” ahh, that voice again

from the place of no frills; wild and pure 

without medicinal distractions; no technological du jour 

where we are compelled to go into our closet and receive our Lord 

to find ourselves without ourselves; simply human as we were before





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