Here Is Our President…

Here is Our President…

Not with the best and the brightest on his left and his right but with the worst and the darkest.

A veritable public relations disaster.

Here is Our President…

Not exacting revenge on his enemies with a demotion or a drone strike or a Tweet.

A request for forgiveness from his Father in Heaven.

Here is Our President…

Taunted, tested, challenged, given opportunities to prove himself with great wonders and miracles…

but he’s been down this road before…in the wilderness, with Satan.

Here is Our President…

The world has had no shortage of kings to look to, no shortage of presidents who gave them hope, no shortage of revolutionaries to inspire.

Where are they now?

Here is Our President…

A poor photo op. On a skull, not in an oval. Nailed to a Cross.

His throne.

Here is Our President…

He thirsts, he pants, he brings to paradise, in the midst of darkness, he gives up his spirit.

A life lost to love.

Here is Our President…

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