Losing My Life

I recently had a friend tell me that I should start blogging.  More specifically my wife thought it was a good idea too because of the unique context we find ourselves in here in Glenwood Springs.  I’m a pastor of a small Lutheran Church that has been through a lot these last 10 years.  My predecessor ran a lot of the members out but there was already a lot of dissension and discord before he got here.  By God’s grace we are rebuilding this church in spiritual and physical ways. It’s challenging, it’s hard and it’s fun.  Many of my posts will be about the ministry here and the interesting encounters that I have day to day amongst the homeless of our town.  There will never be a post about LCMS politics and issues therein.  I hope to have a positive writing experience.  I hope you enjoy!

I named the blog “a foolish way” because the way of Jesus is foolish in the eyes of the world.  More specifically,  I receive much inspiration from Mark 8:35 “For whoever would save his life would lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.”  A more accurate translation for the word “loses” would be “ruins” or “destroys”.  Really what Jesus is saying is that whoever would follow him will ruin or destroy his life.  In the eyes of the world following and believing in Jesus looks foolish and ruinous.  Loving our enemies looks foolish, not putting our hopes in politics looks foolish, spending time with the downtrodden looks foolish, relying on our Father in heaven and not worrying about tomorrow looks foolish.




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